Assistant lecturer salary scale in kenya

2020-01-28 20:02

We have 4 ads for Assistant lecturer jobs in Kenya. Find your job now! Mahanaim Educational Institute Lecturers and Library Assistant Jobs in Kenya. Mahanaim Educational Institute KenyaJob Group P Salary Scale in Kenya. Job Group Q Salary Scale in Kenya is Ksh. 89, 748 120, 270, Job Group R Ksh. 109, 089 144, 928, group S Salary Scale Ksh. 120, 270 180, 660 and the final and highest paid Job Group T Salary Scale is Ksh. 152, 060 302, 980. assistant lecturer salary scale in kenya

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Overall, the lowest paid assistant lecturer who took home Sh69, 794 will now earn 96, 250 under the new salary deal. The upper limit will be Sh118, 348. The lowest paid lecturer who earned Sh83, 361 in 2013 will now pocket 112, 038. This opens to an upper limit of Sh140, 683. Trainees earn more than PhD engineers. It is followed by Technical University of Kenya with 1, 765 and University of Nairobi with 1, 798 students. Only 35 students are studying for PhD degrees. The report says the faculty to student ratio is low, with an average of one faculty member to 21 students.assistant lecturer salary scale in kenya Lecturer salaries in Kenya range between 93, 000 KES per month (minimum salary) to 500, 000 KES per month (maximum salary). The median salary is 296, 500 KES per month, which means that half (50) of people working as Lecturer are earning less than 296, 500 KES

Salaries of part time lecturers in Kenya. But the bottom line, lecturers salaries are much lower than that of other civil servants. Our research shows that a Tutorial fellow in Kenya earns not more than Ksh 130, 000 while a lecturer who holds a PhD earns an average salary of Ksh 150, 000. A Professor in Kenya earns an average salary of Ksh 230, 000. assistant lecturer salary scale in kenya Narok University College Jobs in Kenya. Senior Lecturer Scale 13 Kindergarten Assistant Teachers Jobs in Kenya Na Sales and Client Relations Executive Job in Kenya Accountant Assistant Job in Kenya Greenbell Comm Product Ambassador Mocality Job in Kenya; How much does a Lecturer make? Salaries for Lecturer vary by company. Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted to Glassdoor by Lecturer employees. Today's Paper Tenders Jobs in Kenya. Lecturers to earn more perks in new pay deal. Augustine Oduor and Rawlings Otieno; Tutorial fellows and assistant lecturers will now earn Sh99, 802 Between Private and Public Universities in Kenya which one pays lecturers well. The salaries of private universities vary depending on financing and the number of students the university admit. The average salary of an assistant lecturer, an individual with a masters degree, is Ksh 90, 000Ksh 120, 000 in public universities while private universities pay the Assistant lecturers average salary of Ksh 80, 000.

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